Our Product Range

Utkal Automobiles providing a wide range of different models from 8.5CUM to 28 CUM. Utkal Automobiles’s telescopic front end cylinders are designed for dump trucks and tipping semitrailers. Our tipping cylinders have earned their reputation for reliability and value for money over many years with hundreds of thousands cylinders working around the world, in all weather conditions, confirming Utkal Automobiles as the world leader in the production of telescopic cylinders. Production facilities in five different locations around the world allow us to respond quickly to market demands. With fully owned sales offices in each continent and a strong distribution network of dealers, Utkal Automobiles is the number one supplier for truck hydraulics in the world.

  • Model 8.5 CUM
  • Model 10 CUM
  • Model 14 CUM
  • Model 16 CUM
  • Model 18 CUM
  • Model 20 CUM
  • Model 22 CUM
  • Model 16 CUM Prima
  • Model 22 CUM Prima
  • Model 16 CUM Moon
  • Model 24 CUM Moon
  • Model 16 CUM Prima Moon
  • Model 24 CUM Tip Trailor
  • Model 26 CUM Tip Trailor
  • Model 28 CUM Tip Trailor

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